Anima Vina

Wines of the soul

From very ancient times, wine has played a fundamental role in the life of human beings, both as a drink and as a mystical and at times magical element. It has always awoken one’s most intimate and hidden part, revealing one’s true essence.

We produce authentic, sincere wines, which represent us well, belong to our soul and seek attunement with those who drink them.


Wine belongs to you

Our typical wines of Sardinia

Each bottle conveys the personality of the winemaker and the spirit of the territory. Two souls united in a perfect blend of tradition and terroir. This is the essence of our wines: stylish, precious and authentic. They embody the qualities that the territory of Usini imprints on its best grapes: Vermentino and Cagnulari of Usini.

Mattariga - Vermentino di Sardegna DOC - Cantine Chessa
Cagnulari - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT - Cantine Chessa
Lugherra - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT - Cantine Chessa
Kentales - Moscato Passito DOC - Cantine Chessa

Land of wine

Usini and his terroir

The soul of our territory is expressed through a history unfolding over hills and valleys, following the ordered rows of the vines.

Usini, in Sardinia, has always been considered a unique terroir, standing apart as a result of its soil composition, climate and microclimate and the special lay of the land which produces grapes rich in scents and exceptional nuances, such as Vermentino and Cagnulari, which find perfect conditions here.

Usini - Sardegna
Cagnulari di Usini

To each his own

The awards won by our wines

Our wines are known and appreciated throughout Italy and abroad.

Mattariga Vermentino

The yummy side of wine

Small temptations

Small sweet temptations rendered precious by the taste of our sweet wine Moscato Kentàles.
Because wine too can have its yummy side.

Panettone e cioccolatini al Kentales